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BabyBellaTS - UK - Transsexuel escort Location:
- country: UK
- town: London Liverpool Street Station

Phone: 07531972599
E-mail: [email protected]

Age: 21
Height: 170cm 5ft7
Weight: 54kg 115lb

Language: English

Language2: Portuguese

Incall/Outcall: yes / yes

The one and only Bella, copy my pictures, description and even my name, always copied, never equaled. The embodiment of compassion and kindness.

My Youtube

Do you wonder why you like Transsexual girls? This unexplainable irresistible desire that brings Straight and Bisexual boys to us like moths to the light? Did you know that inside the hypothalamus, there is something called BST (Nucleus of the Bed Stria Terminalis) Males have it large, feels dominant attracted to femininity, Females have it small, feels feminine attracted to masculinity, Bisexuals have BST between male and females, feels attracted to both, Gays have it between Women and Bisexuals and Transsexual girls have it the SAME size as genetic females? Come...let me snuggle you, show you how much love, affection and appreciation, I have for you Euro Men of good hearts who built most of this world and gave freedom for those like me. Let's have great sex and great conversations, from the weather to Laniakea and beyond!

1st Class Girl for 1st Class Men. Gorgeous, Sexy, healthy, smooth, feet size 5 (UK) stand on 1.72m/5ft7, only 55kg/110lbs peachy bum! 32B-25-34hip with natural SOFT perky REAL B size breasts (NO implants), Yes! it is possible for some tgilrs to develop real boobs without implants. Grey/blue eyes and long golden blond straight hair (No hair extensions, wigs, etc), Just strong, healthy hair, all that coupled with a top-notch service :) x

The perfect petite babe with mere 53kg/110lbs, Ultra feminine, with a squeaking clean IN and OUT SUPER tight peachy bum and a beautiful delicious 6.5 inch fully functional secret between her legs...Your intelligent, sweet, little submissive girlfriend, I'm your girl for a non-rushed horny exciting time!

Please Note: Half of the adverts you see are fake or heavily airbrushed photos, TS agencies using females to answer their phones plus girls who look nothing like their photos. DONT BE FOOLED BY THE FAKES. xx

I DO NOT ENTERTAIN BLACK GUYS. Is because of the size? NO, Blond boys are just as big, It's just my sexual preference, Not racist... Evolutionary Biology without political correctness perhaps. Same way you prefer to see a blond, latina, Asian escort etc, I also have my preferences.

NO NARCISSISTIC, DEMANDING, BITTER AND NASTY Men of any race needs to apply. (Been doing this long enough, I will quickly notice your personality traits, give you a refund and ask you to leave, blackmailing me will not work)


Guys is being 100% passable and feminine an important factor to you when choosing a Transfemale escort? are you tired of seeing girls who look like models in their photos but when you get there, open the door the girl looks nothing like her photos? more masculine? manly features? fake or retouched pictures or rarely when the girl looks nice in real life she is just boring and not enjoyable personally and between walls? tired of speaking with TS Agencies secretaries instead of hear the voice of the escort you want to see? So now it all comes to an end.

My pictures are genuine me and my description is accurate and honest! ZERO AIRBRUSHED PHOTOS.

Are you a famous/well-known person wanting to meet a tsgirl? with me you will have total discretion, apart from being a horny little babe =) I'm well educated, cultured, I'm studying Science, well traveled, I'm fluent in 3 languages and I've been with many famous/well-known persons from Britain and world wide, I guarantee total discretion at mine or at your hotel.

Thanks for visiting my page... I'm 19 years old pre-op trans from Brazil, down to earth, high class and with a chilled personality, I will make you feel comfortable in my company. You will not regret when you see me in person and I will keep you coming back for more! I have female looks, brain and I like to be treated as such! Dressing genuine size 6/8, with a curvy but slim firm body, with long smooth legs to die for and apart from being so feminine I still have a big and cute smooth 7 inches fully functional secret* In my free time I have exhilarating hobbies to keep myself healthy and fit. It will be our secret only.

If you are an executive from city area, you are my darling! don't waste more time, I'm the heart of city very close to you, so in your free time you can enjoy your life with me.

MY GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE ( How our encounter may unfold )

I love slow, erotic and romantic adventures, as we explore each others bodies and I also love the hard and fast carnal encounters. Adaptability is one of my greatest talents. Here is how our meeting might unfold...

I will always be dressed to kill! Freshly showered, smelling like flowers, ready for you to put your tongue anywhere you choose. I will never be embarrassed because I am ultra clean and you will never have any bad tastes due to poor hygiene. Many girls use the same towel for multiple customers, I use a clean towel for every customer. Best in the world, skin life feel, Ultra-thin (Fair Squared sensitive DRY Organic & Vegan) condoms, as well as thick extra safe, for small, medium and well-endowed boys, and refreshments are available too. So once you enter in my place, I will greet you with a welcoming smile and catwalk my way into my lovely bedroom while you follow me watching my long jet hair bouncing right above my peachy bottom and never-ending legs.

We will exchange pleasantries, get the $$ out of the way but first and foremost I'm here to treat you like a King. My aim is to be the best of the best and you will always find me attentive to your needs. I know you missing something in your life and I aim to fill that gap. I want you to become close to me, not just as escort client but as girlfriend boyfriend closeness. When you become my regular, you can call me and maybe we even meet up socially sometimes. There are many possibilities and every one of them is fun..

I will let you wash your hands and take a shower if you wish, let you make yourself at home, while you do that I will be eagerly waiting to be loved by you. then I will come back to the room and lie down by your side, chat, cuddle and kiss, lie me flat on my tummy, come on top of me and start touching, massaging my lower back and bottom, creating intimacy between us, I love it, feeling my little waist and peachy bottom, slap it if you like, it will turn me on even more...

You get my knickers out, turn me over go between my legs, gently start kissing my tummy, I love it, licking more, explore each others erogenous zones, I have very sensitive nipples, I love them licked but not bitten, if you gentle and slow enough, darting your tongue over my nipples you will make them really hard from excitement sending shudders down my spine, I will moan wanting more, wanting you inside me..

You slide up and down your tongue from my nipples to my flat tummy, tongue fuck my cute belly bottom, it drives me crazy, keep going down to an even more sensitive erogenous zone if you want and get me to that point of almost cumming, begging for it. Now its your turn, lie down and let me get my young pretty lips around your cock, suck it, slowly and gently with no teeth touching, just my warm soft lips and tongue, up and down until you say wow with pre-cum, mixing our bodily fluids, so you will be carrying part of me and me part of you wherever we go, not only in good memories...

You can't hold it any longer and turn me over under you, kiss my neck and back, giving goose bumps all over and tongue fuck my tight little arse, slap it, spank it, bite it if you like, before putting me doggy and slide inside me gentle while I moan with my eyes closed. I want you to feel the hot warmth of my little body, push your cock inch by inch inside me, I want to feel you, I want you to call me names, pump me, drill me, fuck me, fuck me, own me, make me scream of ecstasy! turn me over, fuck me looking right into my eyes, see the sweetness and passion in it, I want to see it in yours, own me, push you inside me until our stomach meet, I want us to be one, I want you to tell me when you going to cum, I will tell you when I'm cumming too, I want us to cum together, I want to feel the grip of your hands in my little waistline getting stronger, while you explode inside me, filling my little tight bum with your man seed! Please treat me with care afterwards... I need it ;) x

I'm very hygienic, healthy so I hope the same from you... I love my first timers and they love me... First timers are more than welcome.. I love naughty guys and I like to be naughty with the shy ones..

COSTUMERS ASK ME EVERYDAY WHAT I DON'T LIKE/DOING. Well I love you my boys so much, but if you really want to know, here it is...
0- Rude, impatient, stressed, angry, narcissistic customers.
1- ABLED Sighted customer who don't read text messages fully (especially my text address).
2- ABLED sighted customer who don't read profiles.
4- Customer who rings the wrong bell. (Because he can't be bothered to read text instructions properly).
5- Overly drunk customer.
6- Customer who does NUMBER 2 (poop) in my toilet. :)
6- Customer who doesn't wash his penis properly (Don't pull the foreskin back to wash the head of their penis).
7- Customer who doesn't dry their back, chest, neck after shower and lie in bed wetting everything up just before sex.
8- Customer who lie down in bed rolled in a wet towel or put the wet towel on the bed, wetting the bed just before sex and leaving it wet for the next customer.
9- Bad breath (Mouth wash available for free in my bathroom) :)
10- Customer who don't use antiperspirant under their arms.
11- Customer who call for outcalls in private homes
12- Customer who bite my nipples (I love them being licked but not bitten, it really hurts)
13- Customer who press my willy against their sharp stubble facial hair (it really hurts) 14- Teethy blowjobs.
15- Customer who put his arm under my back while cuddling. (It is awkward and very uncomfortable)
16- Customer who won't let sex go naturally instead keep asking a dozen things at the same time.
17- Customer who put myself at risk by wanking (cumming) over my willy/bum hole. (Yes, it is like unprotected sex but without the benefits and only bad for me.
18- Most customers don't have any of these issues but a few do, as I'm always caring with my customers and rarely let them know about this, but if we can upgrade our time from amazing to awesome, why not? :)

For more details, please call me =) 07531 972 599 Love BELLA xx

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. BELLA ARE YOU THE GIRL FROM THE PICTURES? A. Yes. Q. IS YOUR FLAT NEXT TO THE STATION? A. Yes, opposite. Q. WHAT TIME DO YOU START AND WORK UNTIL? A. 11.00am to 1.00am Q. DO YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE A WOMAN? A. Yes. Q. DO YOU HAVE REAL BOOBS? A. Yes, I have beautiful B natural breasts Q. DO YOU LOOK LIKE IN YOUR PICTURES? A. Yes, i look exactly as my pics or better, or your money back! Q. HOW NOTICE DO YOU NEED TO SEE YOU? A. Sometimes I'm ready straight away but normally 30-60m Q. ARE YOU FULLY FUNCTIONAL? A. yes im 100%. Q. DO YOU LIVE ALONE? A. NO, secretary and CCTV outside.

Tgirl TS shemale female Liverpool Street Station London escort ladyboy transsexual trans tranny massage prostitute Moorgate Bank the city Shoreditch


£100 half hour

£200 full hour

£400 outcall full hour

Contact ( 044 ) 07531 972 599

BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort
BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort
BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort
BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort BabyBellaTS - UK - Transvestite, shemale tranny tgirl travestie trans tgirl Escort

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